Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Witness pristine beaches with best hotels in Mandarmani

Mandarmani, also called 'Mandarmoni' by the local population, is a seaside village in the state of West Bengal in India. It is situated in East Midnapore district at the Bay of Bengal's northern end. This village has a pristine beach of the same name, which is characterized by silt-coloured sands. Over the years, it has become extremely popular among people residing nearby, as well as tourists coming from distant regions. People looking for the best hotels in Mandarmani would find United-21 Beach View truly fabulous. It not only offers comfortable stays to its guests, but also gives them the required convenience in visiting the beach.

The Mandarmani Beach is a 13-kilometre long driveable beach, and also an ideal place to unwind and enjoy the scenic surroundings. Best feature of this beach is that it is located far from the hustle-bustle of city crowds. Watching the rising sun and sunsets on this beach would be a great visual treat for the tourists. Those who search for a Mandarmoni seaside resort for their accommodation often end up booking a room or cottage in United-21 Beach View. It offers them the opportunity to get to the Mandarmani Beach without any hassles. While on the beach, they can indulge in some exciting activities like beach volleyball and boat rides.

Among the things that need to be considered for enjoying a vacation in Mandarmani is the travel budget. United-21 Beach View offers all the comforts that luxury hotels in Mandarmani have for their guests at lower rates. Every room of it has been designed exquisitely, and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The rooms also have a dedicated balcony overlooking the sea. The facilities provided for guests include satellite television, comfortable air-conditioning, doctor-on-call, and a 24-hour housekeeping service. Among the additional facilities is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves delicious varieties of Mughlai, Continental and Chinese cuisines.

United-21 Beach View is ideal for tourists of Mandarmani

Tourists always marvel at the sighting of small, red crabs at certain places on the Mandarmani Beach. As they crawl along one corner of this beach, it appears as if thousands of red flowers have been scattered on the silt-coloured sands. Mandarmani, also called 'Mandarmoni' by the locals, is a seaside village in East Midnapore district of the Indian state, West Bengal. The Mandarmani Beach is considered to be the longest driveable beach of India, stretching to about 13 kilometres. People who are looking for the best hotels in Mandarmani for a pleasant stay during their vacation can book a room or cottage in United-21 Beach View.

People visiting Mandarmani Beach would be amazed by the serenity that it offers, along with some marvellous views of the sunset. Views of the rising sun from this beach would be equally charming for those who visit early in the morning. For tourists who wish to have an accommodation in a Mandarmoni seaside resort for greater convenience in visiting the beach, a stay in United-21 Beach View would be extremely beneficial. It offers air-conditioned rooms and cottages for its guests, well-equipped with some of the latest facilities. Accommodation in United-21 Beach View also gives tourists the chance to visit popular attractions close to Mandarmani.

Digha and Shankarpur are the places near Mandarmani, and both of them have their respective beaches. Shankarpur is a twin beach of Digha town, offering all the features of a private beach to its visitors. One can also find beautiful casuarinas upon visiting this beach. United-21 Beach View has all the facilities that any of the luxury hotels in Mandarmani provides for its guests. While staying in any of its rooms and cottages, travellers can have the opportunity to make a trip to the Digha and Shankarpur beaches at their own convenience.