Monday, December 15, 2014

Sand Art of West Bengal catches the eye of tourists

West Bengal tourism offers several options in arts and entertainment to its visitors, besides its beautiful hill stations, abundant wildlife, and virgin beaches. There are lots of interesting places to visit near Kolkata, including the ones that are ideal for one-day picnics.

Mandarmoni is one such fabulous location close to Kolkata, which is preferred by many tourists for having a pleasant holiday. We reached this beach destination during the festive season, when there were plenty of activities to enjoy, such as, water sports, and adventure trips. 

One of the unique experiences for us was the exhibition of the sand art. This form of art was made on the shores simply by using fine sand that was abundantly available on the beach. We were really impressed by the artistic work of one of the famous sand artists that was displayed on the beach of Mandarmani. This splendid beach with a vast stretch of sand is said to be an ideal location for creating artistic figures from sand. 

With an increase in the number of tourists visiting this region, many hotels and resorts have sprung up near Mandarmani beach over a period of time. Tourists can choose an accommodation in Mandarmani after considering their budgets and preferences. The fishing village at the end of the beach is the best for walking and getting to know the lives of local fishermen.

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