Friday, November 21, 2014

Digha: A fascinating city near Mandarmani

Tourists of Mandarmani would have several options when it comes to visiting some interesting places nearby. Among them is a seaside city called Digha. Situated at the northern part of the Bay of Bengal, it comes under the East Midnapore district and is a famous destination in West Bengal. Digha is visited by plenty of tourists every year, owing to its beaches. It was described by Warren Hastings, the first Governor-General of Bengal, as 'Brighton of the East'.

The older beach of Digha is protected from soil erosion by big stones and steps made of concrete. It witnesses huge crowds on certain days, especially during the winters. A beach located at a distance of about two kilometres from the old beach is much cleaner and well-maintained. Beautiful Casuarina plantations can be witnessed by tourists while travelling along the entire stretch from Old Digha to New Digha. Other important tourist spots located close to the city are Shankarpur and a temple at Chandaneshwar, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Excellent connectivity by buses and trains would help tourists in reaching this place from Mandarmani without any hassles. The hotels in Mandarmani provide comfortable stays to the tourists who wish to have a pleasant holiday in this seaside village.

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