Friday, September 26, 2014

Know more about the climate of Mandarmani

There are some relatively unexplored travel destinations in India, which can be visited by tourists to avoid large crowds and enjoy an amazing serenity. Among them is a seaside village in the Indian state, West Bengal, called Mandarmani. It has one of those beaches where tourists can enjoy long drives and pleasant walks. Best way to get to this beach is by road, and the railway station nearest to it is Contai.

Climate in Mandarmani is quite similar to that of Shankarpur, a virgin beach town located close to it. Summers are hot and humid; but with temperatures seldom exceeding 36-degree Celsius, the season would be pleasant for most of the travellers visiting this region. This season arrives in Mandarmani during the month of March and lasts till the end of May. Monsoon makes its presence felt in this region in June and continues till September. Constant rainfall, coupled with high tides, keeps tourists away from this region around this time of the year.

Mandarmani experiences winter from the month of December to February. Accommodation in any of the hotels in Mandarmani would make the vacation in the region a memorable experience for tourists. Best time to visit Mandarmani is during the period between monsoon and winter seasons.

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