Friday, September 26, 2014

Know more about the climate of Mandarmani

There are some relatively unexplored travel destinations in India, which can be visited by tourists to avoid large crowds and enjoy an amazing serenity. Among them is a seaside village in the Indian state, West Bengal, called Mandarmani. It has one of those beaches where tourists can enjoy long drives and pleasant walks. Best way to get to this beach is by road, and the railway station nearest to it is Contai.

Climate in Mandarmani is quite similar to that of Shankarpur, a virgin beach town located close to it. Summers are hot and humid; but with temperatures seldom exceeding 36-degree Celsius, the season would be pleasant for most of the travellers visiting this region. This season arrives in Mandarmani during the month of March and lasts till the end of May. Monsoon makes its presence felt in this region in June and continues till September. Constant rainfall, coupled with high tides, keeps tourists away from this region around this time of the year.

Mandarmani experiences winter from the month of December to February. Accommodation in any of the hotels in Mandarmani would make the vacation in the region a memorable experience for tourists. Best time to visit Mandarmani is during the period between monsoon and winter seasons.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mandarmani: A Glittering Beauty Surrounded by Sand and Water

Mandarmani is one of the fastest growing seaside resort villages in West Bengal. Situated at a close proximity of popular destinations such as Digha and Shankarpur, Mandarmani is on its way to etch its name in the global market. The pristine sea beach, untrammelled sand and glittering sun, this beach has gradually become a hotspot among tourists. On the beaches of Mandarmani, you will certainly feel blessed and detached from the world, even if it’s for just a few hours.

Following are some of the must-visit locations in Mandarmani:

Mandarmani Beach: It is the most popular attraction of this coastal town. It’s interesting to note that this beach is also longest motorable beaches in India. There is a plethora of resorts in Mandarmani, so you can book a room in one of them and have fun in this beautiful destination.

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum: It’s a science centre that came into being in 1959. You can find a lot of galleries in this museum that feature a lot of satellite object models.  This museum also features interactive models that are major attractions among tourists.

Finding budget hotels in Mandarmani won’t be a big deal, especially if you have performed some research beforehand. Save on your lodging expenses and use the same on enjoying the Mandarmani trip.