Monday, December 15, 2014

Seren environs offered by Mandarmani and Digha beaches

We had planned a two day picnic to Digha, but were introduced to one more beach located nearby, called Mandarmani. It is also known as Mandarmoni among the local population. Digha is a seven kilometre long stretch of shallow beach with scenic natural beauty. It also offers its visitors plenty of activities to indulge in.

Digha is set against the backdrop of lush green plantations, which fascinates every visitor coming to this beach. The calm waters of Digha give tourists the chance to enjoy some exciting adventure sports. We visited the marine Aquarium and Research centre at Digha which is spread across a vast area. 

This centre has various facilities related to marine research, and is the largest in India. We also enjoyed boating at Amravati Park and visited lord Shiva temple at Chandaneshwar. The next day, early in the morning, we left for Mandarmani and were awestruck with its beauty when we reached its periphery. It was totally different than many of the other Indian beaches.

We spent some great moments of our trip by playing beach volleyball on this beach. The two beaches of Digha and Mandarmoni, being in the vicinity of Kolkata, serve as the best picnic spots for tourists. An accommodation in any of the resorts in Mandarmani would offer them greater convenience in visiting these beaches and having a splendid time on its amazing sands.

Sand Art of West Bengal catches the eye of tourists

West Bengal tourism offers several options in arts and entertainment to its visitors, besides its beautiful hill stations, abundant wildlife, and virgin beaches. There are lots of interesting places to visit near Kolkata, including the ones that are ideal for one-day picnics.

Mandarmoni is one such fabulous location close to Kolkata, which is preferred by many tourists for having a pleasant holiday. We reached this beach destination during the festive season, when there were plenty of activities to enjoy, such as, water sports, and adventure trips. 

One of the unique experiences for us was the exhibition of the sand art. This form of art was made on the shores simply by using fine sand that was abundantly available on the beach. We were really impressed by the artistic work of one of the famous sand artists that was displayed on the beach of Mandarmani. This splendid beach with a vast stretch of sand is said to be an ideal location for creating artistic figures from sand. 

With an increase in the number of tourists visiting this region, many hotels and resorts have sprung up near Mandarmani beach over a period of time. Tourists can choose an accommodation in Mandarmani after considering their budgets and preferences. The fishing village at the end of the beach is the best for walking and getting to know the lives of local fishermen.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Mandarmani: An ideal seaside village for a pleasant vacation

Well-known among tourists for its longest driveable beach of India, Mandarmani is a seaside village located in East Midnapore district of the Indian state, West Bengal. It has become one of the fastest developing travel destinations in the state in recent times. This village offers a perfect setting for individuals who are seeking some respite from their busy schedules and the hustle-bustle of city crowds. Today, it is the most preferred weekend destination for people living in the cities nearby.

Major attraction of Mandarmani is its 13-kilometre beach, which attracts plenty of visitors, especially during weekends. Some exciting watersports like jet-skiing, banana boat rides, and surfing can be enjoyed at this place. Accommodation in any of the hotels in Mandarmani would make it convenient for tourists to visit this beach and all the interesting places nearby. Mandarmani Beach is also popular for its wonderful views of sunrise and sunset.

In the month of January, a four-day festival called 'Digha-Mandarmani Festival' is held in this region. It gives tourists the chance to enjoy some thrilling beach sports, taste the region's mouth-watering seafood, and witness live concerts. Best time to visit this amazing destination is during the months of January and February, and the period from August to December.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Digha: A fascinating city near Mandarmani

Tourists of Mandarmani would have several options when it comes to visiting some interesting places nearby. Among them is a seaside city called Digha. Situated at the northern part of the Bay of Bengal, it comes under the East Midnapore district and is a famous destination in West Bengal. Digha is visited by plenty of tourists every year, owing to its beaches. It was described by Warren Hastings, the first Governor-General of Bengal, as 'Brighton of the East'.

The older beach of Digha is protected from soil erosion by big stones and steps made of concrete. It witnesses huge crowds on certain days, especially during the winters. A beach located at a distance of about two kilometres from the old beach is much cleaner and well-maintained. Beautiful Casuarina plantations can be witnessed by tourists while travelling along the entire stretch from Old Digha to New Digha. Other important tourist spots located close to the city are Shankarpur and a temple at Chandaneshwar, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Excellent connectivity by buses and trains would help tourists in reaching this place from Mandarmani without any hassles. The hotels in Mandarmani provide comfortable stays to the tourists who wish to have a pleasant holiday in this seaside village.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mandarmoni: An ideal picnic spot near Kolkata

If you have arrived at Kolkata from a distant place for business or to enjoy your vacation, and you wish to enjoy some wonderful moments on a beach, Mandarmani would be an ideal location. This seaside village has its own unique natural beauty and a fantastic beach that offers an amazing serenity to its visitors. 

Many of the travellers choose to visit Mandarmani for a day picnic, while there are many residents of Kolkata who arrive at this place to enjoy their weekends. Its virgin beach is located near Digha, and gets many visitors every day. It also has an advantage over the Digha beach, owing to its low waves. From Mandarmani, you can get to the beaches in the nearby Digha and Shankarpur quite conveniently. You can also enjoy a pleasant ride on a 13-kilometre long stretch of silt-coloured sands during a visit to the Mandarmani beach.

                                                       Victoria Memorial, Kolkatta

With an increase in the number of tourists arriving in Mandarmani, several hotels and resorts have come up in the region over a period of time. The popular hotels in Mandarmani provide comfortable stays for travellers in the form of tastefully designed rooms and suites that are well-equipped with all the modern amenities.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Lose yourself in the serenity of Mandarmoni

Mandarmani, also called Mandarmoni by its locals, is an amazing seaside village in East Midnapore district of the Indian state, West Bengal. Its virgin beach extends to about 13 kilometres, making it an ideal spot for residents and tourists to escape the crowds of neighbouring cities. This beach is also believed to be the longest derivable beach in the country. Visitors to this particular spot can enjoy exciting views of sunrise and sunset.

Mandarmoni can be reached easily by road, while the nearest railway station is at Contai. Tourists travelling by air can get to this region from the airport located at Kolkata. With highly comfortable stays provided by United-21 Beach View, Mandarmoni tourists would not have to worry about the availability of world-class accommodations. Its guests would also have greater convenience in visiting the beach and other famous places located nearby.
United-21 beach view resort, mandarmoni

Among the popular spots near Mandarmoni is a place called Digha. In one of the letters written by Warren Hastings, he describes it as the 'Brighton of the East'. It is an excellent tourist location and is also well-known for its beach. Swimmers can have a nice time at Digha beach as its waters are shallow for about a mile from the beach.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Know more about the climate of Mandarmani

There are some relatively unexplored travel destinations in India, which can be visited by tourists to avoid large crowds and enjoy an amazing serenity. Among them is a seaside village in the Indian state, West Bengal, called Mandarmani. It has one of those beaches where tourists can enjoy long drives and pleasant walks. Best way to get to this beach is by road, and the railway station nearest to it is Contai.

Climate in Mandarmani is quite similar to that of Shankarpur, a virgin beach town located close to it. Summers are hot and humid; but with temperatures seldom exceeding 36-degree Celsius, the season would be pleasant for most of the travellers visiting this region. This season arrives in Mandarmani during the month of March and lasts till the end of May. Monsoon makes its presence felt in this region in June and continues till September. Constant rainfall, coupled with high tides, keeps tourists away from this region around this time of the year.

Mandarmani experiences winter from the month of December to February. Accommodation in any of the hotels in Mandarmani would make the vacation in the region a memorable experience for tourists. Best time to visit Mandarmani is during the period between monsoon and winter seasons.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mandarmani: A Glittering Beauty Surrounded by Sand and Water

Mandarmani is one of the fastest growing seaside resort villages in West Bengal. Situated at a close proximity of popular destinations such as Digha and Shankarpur, Mandarmani is on its way to etch its name in the global market. The pristine sea beach, untrammelled sand and glittering sun, this beach has gradually become a hotspot among tourists. On the beaches of Mandarmani, you will certainly feel blessed and detached from the world, even if it’s for just a few hours.

Following are some of the must-visit locations in Mandarmani:

Mandarmani Beach: It is the most popular attraction of this coastal town. It’s interesting to note that this beach is also longest motorable beaches in India. There is a plethora of resorts in Mandarmani, so you can book a room in one of them and have fun in this beautiful destination.

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum: It’s a science centre that came into being in 1959. You can find a lot of galleries in this museum that feature a lot of satellite object models.  This museum also features interactive models that are major attractions among tourists.

Finding budget hotels in Mandarmani won’t be a big deal, especially if you have performed some research beforehand. Save on your lodging expenses and use the same on enjoying the Mandarmani trip.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tourists never miss the fabulous beaches of Mandarmoni

With a beach area that stretches up to 13 kilometres, Mandarmani is a seaside village that tourists of West Bengal would not like to miss during their visit to West Bengal, a north-eastern state of India. Also called 'Mandarmoni' by the locals, it falls in the East Midnapore district of the state and is a relatively new tourist destination. Visitors of this beach would enjoy an amazing serenity spread over several kilometres, as is less crowded as compared to other popular beaches in the state. A beach resort in Mandarmoni would enable travellers to explore this pristine sea beach and other popular attractions nearby.

Excellent connectivity by road enables tourists to reach Mandarmoni from Kolkata and other major cities without any hassles. State Transport Buses, auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws are the various options that road travellers can take to get to this region. For those travelling by trains, the nearest railway station is Howrah. Tourists who book resort in Mandarmoni can have pick-up and drop facility provided to them. Such resorts generally have ample parking space for cars and also offer travel desk and other amenities to their guests. Multi-cuisine restaurants in them give the guests an opportunity to taste delicious varieties of local cuisine in addition to the popular dishes.

There are some interesting tourist spots that travellers to Mandarmoni can visit during their holiday in the seaside village. Accommodation in a resort in Mandarmoni makes it very comfortable for them to reach these places. Among them is Digha Beach, which is often referred to as 'Brighton of the East' by many. Shankarpur Beach is another great place for tourists to unwind. It is popular among many people as a 'twin beach of Digha', and is located at a distance of about 14 kilometres from Mandarmoni. Fringed by vast expanses of Tamarisk trees, Tajpur’s beach is also worth visiting.